Following our evening talks in Melbourne we will be taking a little deviation...

Are you a sick, twisted individual? Do you have R-rated dreams of creating adult animation? Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at the Australian industry to learn what's going on and where it's all headed...

Isabel Peppard, creator of the award-winning Butterflies will join Felix Colgrave (Aardvark Butter), animator of Man Spaghetti and The Elephant's Garden, and Daniel Fowler (Alien Red Wolf), the man quite literally behind Willy Bum Bum, (12,395,588 YouTube views last time we looked) on-stage to have a look at some of their work, including a sneak peak at WBB#2, and have they're brains picked by Ingrid Elkner.

Toons After Dark. Adult Animation in Australia.
Melbourne 29 May 2014 8.00pm Atrium Theatre MCEC

Finding Animation


Images: Top, The Elephant's Garden by Felix Colgrave; MIddle, Willy Bum Bum by Daniel Fowler; Bottom, Butterflies by Isabel Peppard.

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