Bobette Buster hails from small-town America, a region renowned for their storytellers. Traveling all over the US to listen to the last of the great “folk storytellers,” she recorded their “oral history” in a collection now stored at the Kentucky Museum. She then moved onto Hollywood, to learn the business of storytelling and script development, and now writes, produces and lectures at the major studios, and in top film programs, all over the globe on how to create great stories well told.

Bobette was a Disney Fellows Finalist, 2007. She worked with Tony Scott for seven years, as his creative development executive (Revenge, starring Kevin Costner), and was a Production Consultant with Larry Gelbart (Weapons of Mass Distraction and Barbarians At The Gate).

She was the production co-ordinator on the PBS Special, In Search of Excellence and was script consultant and screenwriter on Siberian Education, (2013 Focus Features / Universal release), directed by Gabriele Salvatores and starring John Malkevich.

Bobette is currently producing the feature documentary, Making Waves: The Power of Sound in Cinema, with Karen Johnson and director, Midge Costin (Chair of the USC Sound Department).

Bobette is both a graduate of and Adj. Professor in the University of Southern California Peter Stark Producing Program, where she created the first MFA curriculum for Feature Film and Television Development, The Art and Craft of Cinematic Storytelling.

Now, her international lecture series, Deconstructing Master Filmmakers, has positioned her on the Guest Faculty of Pixar, Disney Animation, Disney Channel, Sony Animation, Twentieth Century Fox, the University of Milan, La Fėmis (Paris), Screen Training Ireland, North By Northwest (Denmark), The Sundance Institute Latin American Lab (Oaxaca) and Media Business School (Spain).

She is frequently requested to create guest lectures for diverse groups on such subjects as Story Physics, The History of Hollywood Economics, Hard-Wired for Wonder, The Uses of Enchantment, Violence in Entertainment, The Purpose of Happily Ever After, Hollywood Economics 101, Epiphany, and The Ten Stages of Transformation.

She is the author of DO STORY: How To Tell Your Story So The World Listens (Do Book Co., 2013).

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